Registration for the exam

You can register for the exam by filling out the form below (please enter the registration details accurately):

Registration for the exam


The examinee must submit a request to the Examination Center to take the exam, indicating the examinee’s name, surname, personal identification number, telephone number, e-mail address. postal address and the type of exam you want to take. In the application, the examinee must indicate the desired date of the exam and the wish to take the exam in the presence of an interpreter.

The examinee can submit the application directly (after arriving at the Examination Center, located at Vilnius, Panerių St. 14 (II floor, room 7), send it by registered letter or send a digital copy of the application to the Examination Center by e-mail The application can also be submitted a person authorized by the examinee who has submitted a written authorization in accordance with the procedure established by the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania.

Application form: MS Word    PDF

The examination shall test and assess knowledge of the following legislation

1. Rules of Carriage of Cargo by Rail, approved by Order of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania No 174 of 20 June 2000;

2. Rules on loading and securing of cargo, approved by Order No 3-611 of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania of 5 November 2003.

During the examination, the questions to be asked are drawn from the general content of the above-mentioned legal acts. During the examination, the examinee may only use the following legal acts, which he/she must bring himself/herself. The use of other study material or literature is prohibited during the examination.

What is the examination procedure

No more than 60 minutes are allotted for solving the exam test. The exam is conducted using a special computer program, the use of which will be explained by the employee in charge of the Examination Center. The exam test consists of 30 questions. The exam is passed if you answered at least 25 questions correctly.

The procedure for issuing and certifying certificates

The Examination Center issues an electronic certificate that is valid indefinitely to a person who has passed the exam. Information about the person who passed the exam is published by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration ( within three working days.

Persons holding an open-ended certificate shall be required to undergo training of at least 16 hours every two years from the date of issue of the certificate in the requirements for loading and securing freight on wagons and for the carriage of freight by rail. The training must have been received in training centres recognised by the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

How much does the exam cost and when do I have to pay for it

The price of the exam for 1 person is 40,00 EUR (price includes 21% VAT). Payment for the exam must be made before the scheduled exam date. If payment is not received, the Examination Centre has the right to refuse to allow the participant to take the exam.

What I must have at the time of the test

You must show proof of identity at the time of the exam. Failure to provide proof of identity will result in the Examination Centre not allowing the participant to sit the examination.

When and where exams take place

UAB “Geležinkelio produkcijos atitikties vertinimo centras” provides examination services remotely via ZOOM and Facebook platforms.

Examinations at the Examination Centre, located at Vilnius, Panerių g. 14 (2nd floor, room 7) for COVID 19 are conducted by separate arrangement.

External examination

For your convenience, the company conducts road tests. In Vilnius, Kaunas and Alytus districts, we carry out mobile examinations when a group of at least 15 people is gathered; in Klaipėda, Tauragė, Telšiai, Panevėžys, Marijampolė, Utena and Šiauliai districts, we carry out mobile examinations when a group of at least 20 people is gathered.

For further information please contact us at Vilnius, Panerių g. 14 (2nd floor, room 7) or mobile phone +370 652 777 20

Due to the situation of COVID 19, outbound examinations to companies or regions of the country are carried out by separate agreements, taking into account the recommendations of the responsible institutions of the Republic of Lithuania.